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    Boopathy Engineering Works

    Customers’ Satisfaction is Our Priority

    Launching our ‘’ After Sales Service ‘’ we Boopathy Engineering works our best to ensure custom satisfaction after sales. All our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defect for a period of 1 years
    We provide accurate responses to client’s requirements
    Boopathy Engineering strategy consists of leveraging the amount of overall offerings to its customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations in terms of quality and availability and that are competitive in total cost. .
    We’re world’s leading engineering business since year 1957
    One of the leading Indian companies, Boopathy Engineering Company was in 1957, with the aim of providing high-end products and services in terms of central heating systems, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as fixing systems and power tools ..
    We always have determination to find efficient solutions
    we will continue providing high-quality, cost-effective, value added heating cooling and ventilation systems, in addition to other innovative products that offer comfortable solutions for living and working.
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Duct Dampers/Volume Control Dampers

    Installed in branches of Air Distribution Ducts, these blade dampers are used to carry out a rough air system balance with closer control being carried out at the individual grills or diffusers. Our Industrial Duct Dampers are available in Aluminum or Galvanized Steel and Motorized version also. We manufacture and supply high quality Electronic Duct Dampers all over the country.
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Grills & Diffusers

    Expert manufacturer and supplier of Grills & Diffusers brings you a variety of options in this product range comprising Linear Grills, Double Deflection Grills, Single Deflection Grills, Modular Ceiling Diffusers, Rectangular Diffusers, and Round Ceiling Diffusers. Our Grills & Diffusers are designed and developed by extensively experienced and qualified professionals, who realize all of your expectations from a perfect Grill and Diffuser.
    Boopathy Engineering Products

    Sound Attenuators/Duct Silencers

    We design a comprehensive range of Sound Attenuators, which are used to reduce the noise generated by fans, and impellers used in air conditioning system. The noise is relevant to the amount of work they do to move the air, much of the noise generated by the fluctuations of radiated pressure and the pressure waves are distributed approximately equally in all directions causing 'duct borne noise' and break out or 'flanking noise'.
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Air Washer

    • Cabinet type (double/single skin)
    • with GI manifold,headers,
    • Airwashers with cellulose pad.
    Boopathy Engineering Products

    Butterfly Dampers

    • GI, Aluminium & Stainless steel
    • Shell : Sleeve type with spigot 0.63mm to 1.2mm
    • Blade : 0.63mm to 1.2mm
    • Operation : PVC Bush & Quadrant
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Extruded Aluminium Aerofoil Gear Dampe

    • Flange : Extruded Aluminium
    • Frame 1.25mm thick
    • Blade : Extruded aluminium Aerofoil blade
    • Operation : PVC Gear & Quadrant
    Boopathy Engineering Products

    Fusible Link Fire Damper

    • Flange / Sleeve type GI, Aluminium & Stainsteel
    • Frame : 1mm to 3mm thick
    • Blades : 1 mm to 3mm thick
    • Operation : S.S/ BRASS Bush & Copper fusible links
    Boopathy engineering Products


    • S.S/Extruded Aluminium powder coated
    Boopathy Engineering Products

    Gravity Louver

    • Flange / Sleeve type GI, Aluminium & Stainsteel
    • Frame : 1mm to 1.5mm thick
    • Blades : 0.63mm to 1mm thick / Aerofoil blade
    • Operation : S.S Bush
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Inlet Louver

    • Frame & Blade made out M.S,GI Aluminium & S.S
    • Thickness : 0.63mm to 1.5mm.
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Mist Eliminator (PVC,GI & SS)

    • PVC , GI & S.S (modules of required dimensions)
    Boopathy Engineering Products

    Plenum Box

    • Material : 0.63mm to 1.5mm with/without butterfly damper And spigot connections with insulation
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Sound Attenutor(Rectangular & Circular)

    • Casing : 0.63mm to 1.2mm GI sheet
    • Baffles : GI perforated sandwiched with 50 to 150mm thick
    • Fiberglass/Rockwool and RP tissue
    Boopathy Engineering Products

    Kitchen Exhaust Hood

    • Material : 18/20 Swg S.S & Aluminium Hoods
    • Slide in Slide Type(easy Cleaning) corrugated filter
    Boopathy engineering Products

    Motorized Damper

    • Flange / Sleeve type GI, Aluinium & Stainlesteel
    • Frame : 1mm to 3mm thick
    • Blades : 1mm to 3mm thick
    • Operation : S.S/ BRASS Bush
    • Actuator can be provided