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    Here you can find some FAQ’s at Boopathy Engg, Our goal is to generate oriented sales by our staff members which enables us to meet the clients expectations in timely manner
    • What is standard processing?
      A.Standard processing consists of cutting of duct body and cover, and designations of bottom hole starting position and side hole starting position.
    • What is the minimum length of duct and lid in mm?
      A.We can handle ducts and lids from 100 mm.
    • Is it possible to process the body and lid with different dimensions?
      We will cut with the dimensions you specify. It is also possible to divide the lid into more than one piece.
    • What is special processing?
      Special processing consists of side hole cutouts (pillar cuts), marking to the duct body and lid, addition of round holes to the bottom hole and lid, change of bottom hole specifications, and packing per production number and part (kit packing), etc.
    • Can you handle processes other than the processing services described in the catalog?
      Please ask for special treatment, delivery and packing specifications, etc.
    • Do I need to provide a drawing for a quotation?
      .If it is a simple job such as a main body and lid cut, we can provide a quotation if you can give us instructions on the dimensions without drawings. In the case of special processed products etc, we may ask you to prepare a drawing separately.
    • I understand that processed items take some time for delivery, but how long do they take approximately?
      Depending on the processing contents and factory schedule, make shipment is minimum two weeks for normal processing content. (Normal processing ⇒ L dimension processing / Bottom hole start designation / Side hole start designation) For special processing and large orders we will provide a schedule separately.
    • What is the merit of the wiring duct cut goods service?
      No duct processing or place for processing is required. No processing of duct material left over is required. Reduction of dangerous work. No inventory control of standard length items is required and our customers tell us of various merits other than the above.
    • What about packing at the time of delivery?
      If there is no designation, it will be mixed, but we can provide packing according to the customer’s request, such as kit packing for each device or individual packing as specified.